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Christianity isn’t supposed to be a mystery and yet far too many Christians stumble through life almost totally oblivious to what God has accomplished for them through Jesus. Consequently, they live far beneath their potential and either consciously or unconsciously blame God for their circumstances, often wondering why He doesn’t do anything to help them.

All the while holding within their hands the very Word of the living God that contains every answer to every situation known to man. With such power at their fingertips, what is keeping Believers from applying the Word of God to their circumstances? Intimidated by their lack of understanding of the scriptures, many never feel qualified to actually determine what it says. Not to mention the multitude of denominations each one claiming to have the correct interpretation of the scriptures. No wonder so many are confused. Is this what God intended?

Did God really intend for His Word to be interpreted multiple ways or one way?  God intended for His Word to be interpreted one way. In order to insure the proper understanding of His Word, God ingeniously decided to equip man with two essential elements to insure that everyone has equal access to the truth.

First, the moment someone accepts the Lordship of Jesus Christ they are reborn in spirit, instantly exchanging their fallen nature for God’s nature and simultaneously filled with the life of God. But, a spirit does not come into existence knowing everything. It must be taught. Thankfully, God did not leave the training of our spirit in the hands of strangers. No, He tasked a member of “The Family”, the Holy Ghost, with this job.

In order to access the teaching ministry of the Holy Ghost, immediately following being born again, every new believer is instantly eligible for the infilling of the Holy Ghost. Once filled, the Holy Ghost brings with Him the most unique ability, the ability to pray in other tongues. Every moment that we spend yielding ourselves to the Holy Ghost through praying in other tongues we enlist His teaching ministry to go to work on our behalf. Suddenly, scriptures that have been locked up for centuries will begin to open before our very eyes often answering long standing questions. What is happening? The mysteries that hundreds of denominations fight over are finally revealed to every day people like you and me. This and so many other benefits are being worked into our life because we have the Teacher of all teachers inside and we now know how to empower Him to work for us.

This is the message that Mark Jenkins Ministries is committed to share with the world. You no longer have to subject yourself to man made doctrine and traditions in order to try and understand God. You, with the help of the Holy Ghost, can finally understand exactly what God is saying to you.

We hope you enjoy your time here and we welcome you back often. Debbie and I have made this website available to you to bless you. The messages are free for you to download and share at no charge. Our goal is to make our material as easy as possible for you to access and not allow lack of money to be an obstacle.